We’ve had a big interest in hiring our Coffee Bike or Providing a Cupcake stall at Private Events, from University/College Balls to Festivals and even Weddings.

We are Happy to take National Bookings, Please get in touch for a Qoute….

—————————————– Past Events Include: —————————————–


————————————————————- Here is some FAQ: —————————————————————-

  • What size/type of space and access will it need?

The bike measures (although this is on paper and may change) roughly 350cm long by 90cm. The height is roughly waist height as the roof can be removed. All equipment is contained within the coffee trike, additional items such as extra water, cups, coffee etc will be stored on a secondary delivery bike, out of sight, if needed.

  • Will it need access to electricity or water?

Access to water isn’t necessary, we can fill the tank manually or before leaving and the bike doesn’t require mains water. We can bring extra water for larger events but The amount of water just stored on the bike can serve roughly 250 people.

Access to electricity is either:

  1. 16amp plug = Fully electric powered
  2. 13amp plug (Standard house plug socket) + Our built in gas bottle to heat the coffee machine.
  3. No electricity required = We are working on our eco inovations, pedal powered generator, solar panels and heat recovery system, so one day we wont ever need electricity again, however these aren’t completed to date, so we will require the above 2 options.
  • Can we choose the menu? Drinks/Cupcakes

Yes. We can offer our full drinks menu and also have a huge range to choose from with regards to cupcakes. We can even put logos or photos onto our cupcakes, please get in touch for examples. Also if you’re on a budget we can streamline the menu, it helps us plan more accurately meaning we can reduce the cost.

  • Would you require a minimum crowd/customer number before committing to an event?

The minimum for us would be roughly 75+ people as paying customers, it very much depends on the event so please still get in touch, or alternatively we could do a fixed fee for events and keep serving until the coffee/tea/hot chocolate/cake/ our pedaling power runs out.

  • Will you travel anywhere in Oxfordshire?

Ideally city centre would be better or within 5 miles as we could cycle the bike, it’s very heavy-duty. At present we can load it into a van and transport it anywhere (will incure addition costs) but we are looking into an electric van  of our own to transport it further a field in the future to festivals and larger events.

  • Will the bike and its services require any support (time or otherwise) from event volunteers?

No, either myself or staff members from Pedal & Pour will run the Trike. All will be trained professional baristas and trained in safety measure’s specific for the trike, its water supply, electrical features and safety measures we put in place. Due to insurance issues and the uniqueness of our trike we wouldn’t be able to have anyone without prior training/supervision to assist.


One of the best feature’s planned for the trike at events will be customers are able to pedal for their coffee. We are installing generators inside which are pedaled to create the rpm needed to generate electricity to our battery’s. We have a watt display and planned traffic light display to show you how much you are producing And how long you have to keep it up to earn your coffee.


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