This concept has launched in Oxford, HORAAYYY!!!

Please see the seperate site here:


—————————————- How the Idea came to be ————————————————

Many of you have seen our various delivery bikes outside of pedal & pour on little clarendon street but this is a new concept we are genuinly looking into.


We have been using a prototype delivery bike, mainly for internal use for Pedal & Pour, moving heavy equipment like coffee machines is a nightmare if you don’t drive and taxi’s are expensive. Its also been handy to move Milk, Cake and Coffee in a cheap, convieniant, relaible and fast manner around Oxford which is very congested at the best of times.

———————————————————— RICKSHAW TRIKE ————————————————————

We have now upgraded to convert an old rickshaw, they can carry upto a quarter ton (250kg) and are designed to fit pallets onboard. These are much more durable and able to be used in a commcerial setting to deliver anything and everything. Mainly local farms produce, veg box’s, bakery items, cleaning products etc however we intend to extend out to parcels, mail and even fashion and garment delivery


———————————————————-  RICKSHAW TRIKE 2.0  ———————————————————-

You’ll have to visit our sister site to view its progress and contiuned story,

Click the link here:


—————————————————– Trike couriers VS Van couriers ————————————————

  • Reduce CO2 and NO2 emissions to Zero (If we remove light/heavy goods vehicles from the city centre and ask them to make one drop per week to us on the outskirts, we can then fan out and deliver to 30+ locations across the week that van would normally do. Oxford’s air quality is over 40ug/m3 for nitrogen, even 60ug/m3 on some roads, braking UK targets, even now in 2014, read more here)
  • Reduce congestion (How many large delivery lorrys/vans have you had to wait for whilst they take up the whole road, unloading etc? also we aren’t limited by the one way system in Oxford, making us more efficient)
  • Parking (we can park anywhere, mainly out the way on the pavement, with less vans/lorrys it does leave more parking space for cars in the centre)
  • Less noise pollution (no one likes a loud lorry pulling up, then unloading cargo, slamming doors, dropping the tail lift, we hear it all the time on Little clarendon street from 8:30am onwards everyday)
  • More cost effective (the last mile costs 70% of the total delivery cost and is the most time consuming for vans/lorrys, especially when people aren’t actuallyin to sign for it! dropping parcels to us, means they wont have to travel half the country again to deliver)
  •  Cheaper (all round we can offer deliverys for far less, we are powered by cornflakes and coffee, far less than petrol/diesel)
  • Business Flexibility ( we can help start ups to small/medium sized business have distribution or even multi national companys save money, its all the same to us)

Help us save the planet, one delivery at a time?

To make things more interesting, the technology we are going to use on our larger Coffee Trike, to pedal power the electronics, we are looking into generating electricity on our bikes whilst they move around oxford. This electric will transfer to a battery and be used for LED Lights, GPS system, Phone Chargers and its being discussed to motorise the hub wheels to provide a faster service.

Look out for this space…. launching … Well now!

Please continue to our sister site (if you haven’t clicked on the links above already)



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