——————————————————– The lab ——————————————————–

Coming soon on our Pedal Powered Coffee Trike!

is a reserved section of the bike for experimentation and generally whatever we have been excited by at the time and want to share. This bar will change every few weeks and is for people who are tired of a mundane experience, looking for something new and are up for trying it and really have your eyes opened to what the industry has to offer

We intend to use The Lab to showcase so far:

  • New and interesting products that pop up, this could be something we have seen at an exhibition, loved and brought back to share with all of you
  • Different brew methods of coffee, from siphon, pour over to single origin filter coffee and the tastes that coffee can bring through different methods
  • bringing mixology to coffee, my background is in cocktails but i want to mix this culture with coffee and to play with flavoured foams for cappuccinos, spheriphication of flavours such as orange and cherry, shaken not stirred iced coffee and much, MUCH more.
  • Not only drinks, but food too, introducing the soup kitchen over the winter months, specialty cocktail flavoured cakes to a new low fat “lighter” cake icing, basically anything my mum in the kitchen happens to be passionate about.

The Lab, we dare you to try something new…………


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