———————————————————— COFFEE ————————————————————

We are supplied by Exotic Coffee for our house single origin and we have weekly changing guest espressos, so you can choose and have the chance to try something new.

Milk Based



Flat White

Quick Fix (In a rush?)




Normal Coffee

Long Black / Short Black


Chocolate Based

Hot Chocolate


Did you know we offer a student discount of 10%? or an enviromental discount of 20%? Save the pennys as a student or help us save the planet, one coffee at a time.

———————————————————— OTHERS ————————————————————


Herbs spices and concertrated fruit, we add two teaspoons to hot water and hey presto! Lemon/Ginger flavour mixed with Pear/Honey has been soothing our throats and warming the hands through winter

———————————————————— TEA ————————————————————

We have 15 teas on our menu from good old breakfast tea that the british empire was founded on to Green tea, Rooibos and herb/fruit infusions.

(Full list coming soon)

———————————————————— FOOD ————————————————————


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