Pedal & Pour came about to satisfy a personal urge to make great tasting coffee and show people how delicious it can be. Originally, it was that simple. After lots of planning and experimenting which started in 2012, this has now developed into a few key areas we focus on

Family is at the heart of P&P. All of our cakes and pastries are Mum made. Sounds good. Is good. Oh so very good. In a “my mum’s cupcake could beat up your mum’s cupcake” fight, my mum’s would win, Hands down. Don’t believe me? come and try them for yourself and see, shes as passionate about cake as we are about coffee.

All of our other products are British made and locally sourced where possible. We are also taking fair trade a step further to make sure we can trace our products back to their source. Our chocolate, coffee and tea can be traced to a single origin. To find out more, the advantages and what it means to be single origin, visit our post here:

Being Eco Warriors. There is a HUGE list of things we are up to, to make sure we have no negative impact on the world. The biggest however is our bike. It’s the first to be completely independent of electricity. Our battery’s never need to be charged thanks to our solar panels and unique pedal powered generators, who needs a gym membership… for more info, click here

The Lab is our custom bar, which will see all of our new ideas and experiments come to life. One of the key ideas behind this is to bring a little bit of cocktail bar culture to coffee, from flaming chocolate powder to flavoured foams, the sky is the limit. Keep an eye out for whats on offer at the lab here, be adventurous, try something new

We’ll be launching the lab section on our coffee bike very soon….

To find out all about our Location, suppliers and products, keep up to date and follow the blog here

If you
have any questions or queries about Pedal & Pour, what we’re upto or on we make coffee, that you can’t find on our blog (we do our best to keep it updated) or the internet in general then please get in touch.


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