Private Event

Kellogg College Ball

The setting: Outdoor event, 350 guests, Rear garden of college with other catering vendors

We provided: Unlimited Coffee, Tea and Hot chocolate to accompany there other vendors providing ice-cream, doughnuts, popcorn. 350 mum-made cupcakes (cake finishing touches)

This was the first event that we’ve worked with one of the Oxford colleges. It was brilliant, we cycled the bike down from summertown, down the banbury road, receiving the puzzled looks from bus passengers and motorists alike. We set up across half an hour in the rear part of kelloggs university grounds, whilst our coffee machine warmed up nicely. From there on we had a queue 10-20 students deep for 2 hours none stop. How our Mini Eureka grinder kept up with the demand we still don’t know, it was slowly burning up but was definitely the hero piece of equipment that night. We’ll be upgrading for the next event to cope with the demand.


Serving the students was entertaining to say the least, i’m going to create a “Heard over the coffee machine” page one day, the amount of funny stuff/quotes we heard whilst serving coffee kept us in stitches all night long. The response to the bike has been incredible, curiosity peaked with many asking an abundance of questions about how it works, how heavy it is and how can you possibly ride it? along with asking a ton of questions concerning the coffee, its single origin status and commending us on how amazing it tastes (credit goes to Exotic Coffee Roasters here for their coffee beans) along with being surprised at our range of Teas (we have 14 in total) and loving our single origin hot chocolate, with many realising its willie’s cacao we use (he was on a channel 4 documentary)


We also provided 350 cupcakes for the event, 1/3 where victoria sponge with the college shield/crest, 1/3 were topped with buttercream and the other with chocolate icing.


Luckily for us, we setup right next to a flood light so we could see when the sun went down, however for the next event we will be installing LED spot lights. Another issue was not having music, so some small outdoor speakers are being planned for the roof. A great upside was as the night got chilly, none of us felt it as the coffee machine acted as a patio heater keeping us warm.


Basically happy days all round and we can;t wait for next weekend, as we have more private events lined up this year.


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