Private Event

Seven Oaks Wedding

The setting: Outdoor event, Canvas tent at a private property.

We provided: Coffee, Tea and Hot chocolate to accompany there cheese, cake and desert tent

It was Beautiful, it had two large main tent areas, main seating/food area with the dancefloor/ dj at the rear with two side tents for the Bar and our coffee bike. It got dressed up in fairy lights and bunting and to save on transport we left the roof at home as it wasn’t needed really.


This has been our first private event, We had been invited to join the tent company (bodoiun) with the food/drinks company (Vaults and Garden) to help accompany them with a centre peice for the coffee. Unfortunatly i don’t have a great deal of photo’s but i did get some of the tent with our coffee bike inside, It had been set up with a projector to watch the england vs italy football game too.

The coffee after the food service worked brilliantly, lots of the guests who had to drive grabbed a coffee/ many of the ladys ordered tea/coffee to keep them warm on the chilly summers evening.


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