It was a sad day when this decision was made but it was a good run while it lasted and thank you to everyone who came by and helped support it, BUT our story isn’t over.

I’ve been away for 2 weeks working tirelessly on our coffee trike to begin to get it ready for lots of private events (We’ll post up reviews of each night) from college balls to garden party’s in london.


The problem at present is the coffee trike still requires a plug socket, but i’m working on reducing it’s electric demand and then removing the plug all together when our various retro fitted improvements are finished, such as the pedal powered generator, solar panels and heat recovery system.

The decision was between opening up for the month of june again, to close it as planned at the end of that month or to close it now. Due to being away for 2 weeks and customers not necessarily knowing we have re-opened it will be best to concentrate all of our effort on the coffee trike/delivery trike now. You’ll likely see the small coffee machine and the market stall on ebay over the coming weeks as they now aren’t needed, our small white delivery trike IMG_0900

many of you have seen outside angels went to a good home last week, to an alcohol infused jelly company, they bargained using said jelly for a small percentage of the final price but i have to say, being a cocktail bartender, i wish i hadn’t been so curious to try it and took the money instead of the jelly, never the less the trike has gone to good use.

Speaking of our delivery trike and pedal & post,  our larger trike


is still unfortunately at a workshop in eynsham, the bottom bracket (the circular part in the frame your pedal’s attach too) has the most unusual fitting known to man, so we can’t find a way to remove it. it has confused bike shops, ebay searches and 2 tools that proved un-successful. Un detoured by this, and with some handy advice, i’m going back tomorrow with a blow torch and some elbow grease to break it out now so it can go in to be powder coated.

The rear box for our delivery trike is coming on too, we have sawn off the seat sections leaving its flat steel base


and a very good friend from school has been offering his assistance to help build it, we’ve come up with a rough prototype to see how we will intend to build the rear box, as it turns out, building an all-weather box that needs to carry 250kg is more complex than you may imagine at first, some of the challenges we face in building it have been solved and its made me far more confident about the project.


There is also a lot more red tape to a project like our coffee trike than you would imagine, Accounting is a major drain on my time as has been our health and safety policy, which is invaluable but time-consuming, this includes all risk assessments, fire safety, electrical safety etc. It’s been a very good tool for spotting danger points but due to the unique nature of this project, we’ve had to create new sections to the “template” they provide and there is no way round having to look at every tiny detail to make sure we cover any and every eventuality to make it as safe as possible.

Anyways, we are still striving for a city centre location for the coffee trike at present, until then we’ll see you at some private events across Oxford…. let the good times coffee roll….


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