So here she is:


So you remember when we talked about converting old rickshaws? well this is our work in progress and will be the “Pilot” delivery trike for Pedal & Post, it’s an old Rickshaw from the West end in London.

we intend to remove the rear seats and replace them with a large box, spray paint the trike white, offer advertising on the side’s of the rear box and fit flexible solar panels to the roof of the box to provide electric to tablets/phones/Led indicators and lights. The trike is able to take various goods/parcels around Oxford’s city centre. Helping:

  • Reduce CO2 and NO2 emissions to Zero (Remove light/heavy goods vehicles from the city centre, they make one drop per week outside the city centre to us, we can then fan out and deliver to 30+ locations across the week that van would normally do. Oxford’s air quality is over 40ug/m3 for nitrogen, even 60ug/m3 on some roads, braking UK targets, even now in 2014)
  • Reduce congestion (How many large delivery lorrys/vans have you had to wait for whilst they take up the whole road, unloading etc? also we aren’t limited by the one way system in Oxford, making us more efficient)
  • Parking (we can park anywhere, mainly out the way on the pavement, with less vans/lorrys it does leave more parking space for cars in the centre)
  • Less noise pollution (no one likes a loud lorry pulling up, then unloading cargo, slamming doors, dropping the tail lift, we hear it all the time on Little clarendon street from 8:30am onwards everyday)

This is a company based in portland, America and we intend our trike to look a little similar to this when it’s finished:


This trike can carry up to a quarter ton (250kg) and it designed to fit and carry a pallet load. It almost fits into cycle lanes however we intend to create a map of roads to avoid/create alternatives (cowley road is on it already)

Most cycling courier services use 2 wheeled bikes, but they are limited by their capacity and can only support a van, not replace it, This trike can happily take anything a small van can. My contacts from pedal & pour lie mainly within the hospitality sector, Vegbox’s, Bakery goods, Cleaning suppliers etc so this is the logical trike to do it.

Hopefully launching in July, lets see how many vans we can persuade round and out of the city centre


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