So now it’s safe to ride, i’ve been looking into having it spray painted, the old paint is flaking and coming off in places, rusting etc and i’d like to weather proof it and keep it going for a few years to come yet.

So i set off for the closest company i could find, in eynsham, called OIF (Oxford industrial finishers)

They have been happy to take it on and its a good excuse to take the trike out for a good long run, see how it copes.

10155144_10154017607590408_4482713008610081992_n 10334379_10154017607580408_3775206448748388582_n

Now according to google maps, there is a cycle route through Wytham, …. as it turns out, there might be but all we came across was a 20-25% incline…. little to say the bike managed it but at the top all we found where gates and fields, nevermind but it was a good experience as food for thought, with weight, it might not of made it to the top… the way back down was fun though, reaching over 25mph.


Anyways upon getting there, (just in time i might add, as they where kind enough to stay a bit late)

Upon arriving, I had the owner explain that the frame/handle bars need to go into an oven thats over 200 degrees, all rubber/dirty parts that could get damaged need removing, so he gave me a lift back and i returned today,

It took the best part of 3-4 hours, as ive had to strip the bike down to its bare frame, it looks kinda naked…

1491710_10154017607575408_3446002863297169130_n 10264287_10154017607830408_1032794503430238781_n

I have to return this weekend with a chain braker and a special key to remove the crank, then its set to be sprayed and baked.

I’m excited to see the results, clean up the parts and put it back together. YES GOOD


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