So the trike is in a great condition, we have been testing it out all week with friends and family on the back and taking it down to pedal & pours market stall in little clarendon street.

However the rear hydralic brakes dont work properly and where stuck on, we had to remove them to be able to cycle it using just the front brake alone which works fine but with more weight the stopping distance is increased

I’d consider myself an amature bike mechanic as i can keep my own bike running pretty well, but the rear hydralic brakes are far beyond my skills so i set about visiting The Broken Spoke Coop down on pembroke street which ive been meaning to do for a while now.

The broken spoke is:

  “a multi-stakeholder cooperative in Oxford, UK. We’re a community-based social enterprise started by people who are really passionate about life on two wheels, and we provide open workshop support, mechanics courses, road safety training, women’s only mechanics nights, and a hub of information for cyclists. We partner with local community organisations, school groups, and individuals with the goal of making people more proficient and confident in bicycle maintenance and riding”

So i met up with Jamie Elle and Umair, Jamie set about explaining that the brakes are nothing like hes ever seen on a bike either but took up the challenege and had a look anyways, taking the brakes apart he ran through explaining how hydralic brakes work, common problems etc. Blow torched the brake pads to remove any grit and dirt, then tested the pistons, all isnt to bad and i’ve been given some adivce on how to maintain them, clean them and fingers crossed get them working again

******(to update this, a super congrats to jamie who actually managed to figure out how quad bike brakes work, we have new one’s on order ready to fit)

After this, our trike is set to zoom around oxford safely, which is our main priority


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