So after birthday celebrations on the 13th, i made the brave choice to wake up at 7am and help our Coffee Supplier, Exotic coffee with their coffee trike, which they use to showcase their coffee from the roastery in Wheatley at the summertown farmers market (every sunday 9am-2pm)

It was a really good experience, it was a personal goal for me to of worked behind a coffee trike before my birthday this year. Riding it was a huge eye opener to just how heavy these trikes are, they can be cycled but you wouldn’t want to go further than a mile or two. Its like trying to move a stubborn dairy cow (i used to be around farms as a kid) if you aren’t concentrating, the cow will wonder off in the wrong direction, it takes a lot of effort to correct it back onto the right path, i use the cow as its more docile and stubborn, it’s cheer weight will drag you in which ever direction it wants to go, you just have to guide it properly. Also you can’t exactly do a hill start…. That said, SO MUCH FUN to ride.


Please do go and chat to Milly if you have the time, she’s a fantastic lady who has been sharing her huge and vast knowledge of coffee with me right from the start of Pedal & Pour, she’s been a great support and i’d recommend her as a supplier to any coffee shop alongside her team of highly trained roasters who I’ve geeked out with on coffee many a time now

The best part is they retail the coffee beans at the coffee trike in summertown and can grind them to size for home use ( the grind size changes depending on how you brew the coffee, espresso, caffietaire etc ) on site, whilst allowing you try the different single origins/blends there and then, i managed to try one or two myself, although as fantastic as they are I’m still sticking to my original choice of the Single origin from Cauca – in Columbia for our house espresso in Jericho (my taste buds are biased and love it way to much to give it up)

image (2)

So if you fancy trying something equally as amazing but maybe a little different, or just some great coffee for home use, head on down there this week (i’ll be there too! i hope) as Milly is always happy to guide you through the different choices of coffee beans available, their process, regions/farms and how they’ve been roasted.

 Come and join in


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