This is something i got introduced to by Brookes Sustainability week, i couldn’t make it to their pedal powered showing of the film “Do The Math.” but I’ve finally got around to watching it.

The first look is at carbon concentration within the air, This is a scary thought as quite honestly the destruction of our planet is happen NOW. Jim Hansen did a study called “How much carbon is too much?” he said we now know enough to work this out, the paper states that 350ppm (co2 parts per million) is not compatible with the planet on which civilization developed & too which life on earth has adapted.

Outside today the planet stands at 395ppm…. it’s riseing 2 parts per million a year.

I’ll include the video below, it’s about 45 minutes long but well worth the watch, i got hooked after 10 minutes but it looks at 3 numbers specifically.

  • 2 Celsius – This is the amount of global warming that is seen to be safe, the Copenhagen accord is where every nation signed the agreement to prevent the world warming beyond this point.
  • 565 Gigatons – This is the amount of carbon they’ve estimated we can put into the atmosphere and stay below 2 celsius. With the amount we currently pour into the atmosphere, we’ll surpass this in 15 years.
  • 2795 Gigatons – This is the reserves fossil fuel burning companies are estimated to have left that they can burn and put into the atmosphere. This is 5 times more.

Heres the link: “DO THE MATH” – FILM

It’s hard to take the view anymore that this isn’t happening or is made up, you just have to look at the antarctic, its half the size. physical changes are happening to our weather and We are heading for a warming effect of 4-6 celsius

This is not good.

BUT there are things we can do and its very simply laid out in this video. I never made the connection with all the campaigns that have been going on before seeing this video, The fossil fuel industry cares about money, this i think most know to be true, so this is the place to go after, protestors have been doing this to stop them and shift the balance.

Convincing Universitys, Councils and any body with large amounts of invested money within fossil fuel companies to sell their shares, take the money away and invest it into renewables instead. Almost sounds like a robin hood approach but what a great idea.

Combine this with lowering the demand for their product, through renewable energy production, wind/solar/hydro teamed with LED’s and energy efficient appliances to reduce our use, cycling, using local food that doesn’t have to travel by van. Every little is going to help.

If this is all going to hit the fan in 15 years, that’s within my lifetime, i intend to do something about it with every penny from every coffee, tea and cupcake we sell. we are onto our 3rd project so far thanks to you all. Let there be many more projects to come.


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