As many of you may have seen, this is our new delivery trike. WAAAAHEEEYYY

We are building a prototype delivery bike, mainly for internal use for Pedal & Pour, moving heavy equipment like coffee machines is a nightmare if you don’t drive and taxi’s can be expensive. Its also been handy to move Milk, Cake and Coffee in a cheap, convieniant, relaible and fast manner around Oxford which is very congested at the best of times.

Using bikes = zero emissions for us, less congestion/traffic, less co2 and noise pollution and it helps get people fitter whilst saving companies money and would free up the need for local business’s to use cars, vans or taxi’s themselves.

Help us save the planet, one delivery at a time?

However we are looking to extend this service out, providing a commerical service using a more heavy duty trike (namely converting old rickshaws, you remember the cycling taxi’s?) that can transport upto a quarter ton to local food producers, then to extend out to parcels, mail and even fashion and garment delivery.

To make things more interesting, the technology we are going to use on our larger Coffee Trike, to pedal power the electronics, we are looking into generating electricity on our larger delivery trikes too, whilst they move around oxford. This electric will transfer to a battery and be used for LED Lights, GPS system, Phone Chargers and its being discussed to motorise the hub wheels to provide a faster service.

Look out for this space….

P.s if another organisation see’s this, has the money and would like to back a pilot project / can do it themselves, DO IT. i urge you, i believe Oxford could benefit a great deal from this service, places such as Cambridge, Darington and mainly London all are piloting/running these schemes at present.


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