“Disposable cups are rubbish” – Gwilym Davies, Prufrock coffee, World Barista Champion 2009

Over January we earn’t enough money from the Market cart in Angels cocktail bar (Thank you to one and all for trying our coffee!) to invest in our 2nd Eco project, The Keepcup.

These are Re-Usable cups, we are openly encouraging them with offering a 20% discount on the cups and the first coffee free! to make this more relevent, if you where to buy a coffee every day from us (£2.50 as base) you’d save £182.50 a year! just to help us save the enviroment, Yes Good. This is also why and how they save the enviroment…..

Reduce takeaway cups going to Landfill: the Keepcup will reduce the amount of disposable cups we inevitably send to landfill through customers adding them to common bins. To put this into perspective,

– Annually 500 billion disposable cups are manufactured around the world; that’s about 75 disposable cups for every single person on the planet.

– Every minute over one million disposable cups are discarded to landfill

– There is enough plastic in 20 disposable cups and lids to make a small KeepCup

Most disposable cups are lined with polythylene which makes them non recyclable. This is a plastic, it’ll be in all your cheaper cups. Ours aren’t lined with this, ours are lined with natural ingrediants but still require industrial composting to degrade.

Disposable cups that are ‘compostable’ require commercial composting to biodegrade (this is unfortunatly true about all disposable cups, regardless of marketing. we work with London Bio packaging and they use natural plastic coatings on there cups but this fact still it true for us, but we are working on it.)

You can Recyclable the Keepcup at end of its life. The KeepCup is made from single component materials to facilitate recycling at end of life.  Polypropylene is being targeted as a great material capable of being recycled into consumer goods.  There are lots of clever people doing exciting things in this space.

Weight and freight Being lightweight and stackable has a significant impact on the environmental costs of shipping and freight.  The ability to ship components for local assembly also decreases the environmental impact of the KeepCup.

Many more facts can be found on the Keepcup website so ive you have a spare 5 minutes, have a quick look. If you’re a coffee shop owner and reading this, please sign up and give the discount too, encourage the use of the cups, we urge you.

We’ve had a fantastic response to this project so far with 10 people using the cup from us alone and a handful of others bringing there own, the discount is not limited to our cups! bring your own re-usable cup too!

Help us save the planet, one coffee at a time….


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