I’ve been making coffee for over 7 years now but this post goes to show you can clearly learn something new everyday

For a while i’ve not understood what a long black was, just assumed it to be the same as the americano but possibley a bit longer? maybe more hot water? and i already know barista’s who may come across this will already be clutching at an inanimate object with intent to unleash there frustration but the realisation whilst re-writeing our current menu is a rather large…. ok HUGE schoolboy error on my part.

An AMERICANO is defined by the water being added after the espresso, this method destroys the crema (the thin layer of tiger coloured foam ontop of an espresso shot) which is full of flavour, especially with the current beans from Exotic coffee we have on. The LONG BLACK however you put the hot water first and then add the espresso ontop, keeping the crema and that oh so good flavour in tact.

I’ll be changing the menu to this tonight as we have been serving long blacks without realising but i feel this will take some time and lots of repeat explainations to customers to explain this change and knowing many in the morning rush wont take the time to listen is a little disheartening, as a few other custoemers have expressed about other speciality coffee shops “i don’t care, just give me coffee” approach can be tough to swallow as a barista, as i used to take it as a pesonal offence against my passion and the effort i go to to craft this wonderful drink, …. sorry for the mini rant but i’ll be out grinning with glee to share this knowledge with the world all this week as the difference between the two drinks is HUGE.

P.s The address for the angry mob of barista’s can be found on our contact page, im there from 8:30am till 3pm Mon – Fri




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