This is incredible.

Ok, so they have dreads, use a lot of eco jargon and wonder why certain groups of people get a bit lost and preach about goverment agendas but all these little and minor irritations pale to complete insignificance for what these guys/girls have achieved

– Built a solar panel tree, providing energy for an erigation system in bristol

– this in turn provides power to urban gardens, which (as he explains) cuts out the long food chain from source to supermarket, as the transport is dependant on fossil fuels to make this distance, from airoplanes to trains to delivery vans and lorrys.

– brought a community together to help build the tree and teach them skills in the process.

My question is why dont we do this in Oxford at the allotments? … although having looked at the water levels today i doubt they need an irrigation system…

Please watch the video here: http://www.demandenergyequality.org/solar-tree-short-film.html

Next defines why i want to do Pedal & Pour. Because although my passion lies in making great coffee, it’s because i want to act. Me, i want to do something about this problem, and Pedal & Pour is the best way i know how (so far)

This is another video that describes whats currently happening with our carbon emissions goal.

This is internet exploring at its best but i’ve been on a role for finding out projects tonight. I’ve long since had the idea of a non-profit company providing solar panels (at our expense) to people roof tops, we gain the feed in tariffs and they gain the reduced energy bills. I would ideally like them on every roof in oxford and going for the greenest city in britian but i havent known how to decide who would recieve the panels first, as this would be a slow process but i think i’ve found the answer.



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