Browsing through Pinterest, these are some of the photo’s that have inspired us for an afternoon, check them all out on our board here: http://www.pinterest.com/PedalandPour/eco-warrior/

A big project to note,  that stood out and whilst im currently in the first stages of planning if an “Off the grid coffee shop” would be possible it’s all proved to be amazing reading:

This is a wind turbine, without the blades and claims to be far more efficient: http://www.saphonenergy.com/

The featured image (the icon that appears on the home page) of “grow” which is growing graphitti art, awesome idea.

An algae lamp that can take a ton of co2 out of the atmosphere a year!http://www.pinterest.com/pin/459789443178847501/

And then this, interesting to see how london compares with the rest of the world on its environmental status. Basically we can do a lot more to catch up

Which cities are leading the green revolution? Would like to see something like this for small to medium-sized cities as well!



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