So to update this a little,

– The cart has now got the espresso machine! after a lot of tampering (which ill go into for a beginner’s guide over christmas) we finally got the coffee coming out tasting perfect.


– We’ve tested out all manner of cakes but the two clear favorites to come out from our bakery where carrot and strawberry cheesecake by far


– The hot chocolate has been really interesting to play with, it’s a love or hate scenario. I’ll go into it more again over christmas but getting people to try “Real” chocolate and not what we are used to in our culture, being very sweet milk chocolate has got some mixed reactions.


– Testing out some of the ideas to include on “The Lab” section of the bike, flaming powders, such as cinnamon and chocolate have been awesome, who knew everyone loves playing with fire?

– The concept of the Eco-Bike has got such an incredible response, with one lovely lady who didn’t want a tea or coffee but donated what she had just because she believed in Pedal & Pour. We’ve also got some new ideas such as “cycling for your coffee”. the principle being, each Wednesday for instance, if you cycle the bike generators for X amount of time and charge our batteries, you get your coffee for free!

So we have now closed for christmas, the cart is also going away for some improvements to make it easier to move around over christmas, with the addition of the coffee machine it has made it a little too heavy to move on a day-to day basis, stressing the carts current wheels, which i don’t think are really built for this kind of use.

We have some new and interesting products in the pipeline too and construction of the eco bike will hopefully begin in the new year! keep a look out on here.


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