Want it?

In the deli i currently work in i’ve been testing out a few of my ideas and theorys (my cocktail shaken iced coffees where a blinding hit so will be coming next summer)

 This has been a funny learning curve recently, latte art. I say funny because many a coffee before this has rather awkwardly come out meat and two veg shaped, if you catch my drift… I’m lucky many customers have had a sense of humour when i explained and even a wink from one old lady but although inconsistent and sometimes rudely mis-shaped, My Rosetta’s are coming on ok…

I want to be able to play with 1 or 2 images on top, Hearts are one i want to learn too as with cocktails they always go down awesome

I appreciate Latte art for one main reason, yes, it does look cool, is a lot of fun to do and shows great care has gone into making the coffee but if me, or anyone else is able to create shapes onto the coffee, it shows the milk texture is perfect, that’s the key.


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