I’m sat at a computer working out Ratio’s, fractions and RPM. At 5am

There was a regular who used to come to angels (cocktail bar) and i always kind of looked at him and thought “you study maths, what can you do with that besides accounting?” I have a new-found appreciation for how ignorant that thought really was.

Anyways, A challenge has been on my mind for a while, roughly 70% of the bikes power can come from solar power (give or take the british weather) so where can the rest come from?

I believe I’ve now solved this, by an obvious idea it seems now

I saw a bike whizzing past me the other day which must have hit a ridiculous 20mph whilst she wasn’t pedalling at all. Electric bikes, now originally i wrote this idea off. My reasoning was the problem with resistance. If im attempting to pedal a cargo bike weighing in at nearly 350kg and is advised it wont do hills already, more resistance is just not an option for daily commuting.

1) Chain driven: I touched on a product called Velopresso a while ago, now they only use a chain and pedal power to mechanically turn the blades in there grinder, there espresso machine uses gas and a manual lever so doesn’t require electricity.

(Worth noting a lever machine requires a lot of skill to use and is far to inconsistent for someone like me to use, plus theres the potential to chin yourself with 9 bar pressure if the lever isnt secured properly, i like my jaw bone)

2) Electric generators: Recently I’ve come across electric generators on e-bikes that are placed in the front wheels. I can’t afford to tamper with the spokes/axles to fit these kinds of devices into the wheels as i don’t know if it would affect its integrity/weight carrying capabilities and is likely to be expensive to retro fit.

So how about a chain driven electric generator? having a look into this I’ve come across wind turbines, which is a big upsize but in principle the blades rotate to turn the electric motors inside which then convert the kinetic energy to mechanical to electricity. These have near to no resistance so the journey to and from could then be used to boost the battery’s. In theory it should be possible to separate the drive gear from the electric motor gear and pedal whilst stationary in my spare time too, eliminating the need to charge the battery’s at home.

I’ve emailed a company asking for a sample of one of their generators to make a mock set up in the garage with a few old bikes i have. Should be fun but getting the gear ratios right has taken time to learn, pedaling to and from i consider to just be a small bonus but i need to be able to pedal comfortably whilst stationary and provide enough rpms for the motor, this is why I’m sat doing maths.

I have the figures and numbers finally ready to test out, wish me luck.

In my google/YouTube search’s for this huge learning curve, its inevitable to end up on random searches, this is the best tangent by a long shot. That fine line between Genius and stupidity…


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