I’ve always heard about turkish coffee, and if I’m honest all I thought of was turkish delight, again and again and maybe once more.

In the early hours whilst adding the finishing touches to the business plan I came across this which explains exactly how to make turkish coffee. Maybe I’ll get round to trying it out one day.



This is just for me, so i have a note of it incase the link dies for any reason and it’s from an interview with a guy called Turgay, he won the http://www.ibrikchampionship.org/ and here’s a breakdown of his winning Turkish “Turkish coffee” routine:

“According to Cezve/Ibrik Competition rules, competitors should prepare two simple cezve/ibrik (Turkish) coffees, plus two hot and two cold signature beverages (with a base of ibrik coffee). These drinks are presented to two sensory judges over the course of 12 minutes.

For my simple coffee and hot beverage I used 10.0 coffee brew ratio, which was 7gr coffee and 70gr water for a single cup. For my cold signature beverage, coffee brew ratio was 8.5 because I didn’t want to lose the impact of my coffee – in my routine, I filtered the ibrik coffee via Aeropress, then added homemade coffee bitters and little bit sparkling mineral water.

There are different approaches for cezve/ibrik brewing methods. In my methods, I generally use 7 grams of finely ground “powder” coffee, preferably in like a “medium roast” profile, into the cezve/ibrik before adding 70 grams of room temperature good quality water. I stir it 8-10 times with a tea spoon and put the cezve/ibrik over the heat source. It depends on your heat source and the material of the cezve/ibrik but I prefer the total brew time between 2 and 3 minutes. I turn off the heat around 203F degrees. If you use fresh coffee and a proper ibrik this is a good enough temperature to get good crema.”


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