If you have a spare 5 minutes, watch this:


This is from America and i understand there are large cultural differences, clearly in the uk we can (just) survive on minimum wage and we have access to free healthcare. I still found this really interesting to watch though.

Company’s can take a portion of tips in this country, through card transactions and management take a portion of cash tips in most places.

Promotions and opportunitys to advance in the service section are very rare and suffer from favoritism rather than based on merit and skill.

Many people (by larger companys i might add) have their hours trimmed, maybe only by 1-5 hours a week, managements have targets and percentages to meet, if you don’t count your hours which many people don’t, they trim hours to meet these targets.

Working whilst sick is more apparent in independent company’s, where there are few staff and no one to cover sick people. Sick pay isn’t usually provided. The need for money, because you have no time in a 70+ hour week or the fact there is no one to cover then people are made to work sick, or face losing their job. The latter has happened to me.

This is not true of all places, by any means but one or more of the points above happen all to often in the service sector.

I’ve found it really interesting to watch, as I’d really like to sit down and tackle every issue raised in the video and make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone at pedal & Pour. I’d urge you to ask your server next time you go out to dinner and find out the policy the company’s take (clearly when said waitress/waiter aren’t to rushed off their feet) and voice your concerns, One customers voice speaks louder than any staff member it seems.


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