**The above image is from Exotic coffee’s trike and used just so you can picture our coffee trike, Ours is on its way soon but will be identical until we add and retro fit our eco improvements

Being eco-friendly is something everyone is going to have to undertake at some point, houses are now all being graded and made eco-friendly, business’s are turning to offset their carbon footprint but it also has gains by saving energy and heating self sufficiently as it saves a lot of money.

I want to make Pedal & Pour a flagship of the technology available to be completely independent. The areas to cover are building materials, electricity/gas, water, Packaging/waste and food/drink production.

The bike itself is going to be bought second-hand and restored, the building materials and external parts are coming from Oxford recycled wood and all the other components from scrap/rubbish to build the outer framework and base for all the internal workings, skilled labour is going to be the key to making this happen as i have no background in this area

I’m going to cover the electrical supply by using solar power, ive been in touch with a few firms and we are trying to come up with a way to make this happen, however the biggest consumption of energy comes from heating the boiler in the coffee machine, its huge, currently it would run down the battery’s on the bike in under and hour. Its going to be powered by burning gas, whilst everything else will run from the battery’s and last up to a day (roughly) i can’t say how much of a carbon footprint that will create until i understand the consumption of gas per day but hopefully the solar panels can power everything else and help offset this.

My business is based on takeaway, so ALL waste has to be recycled with all packaging being scrutinized to make sure its bio degradable so nothing will go to landfill, projects such as the keep cup (as re-usable coffee cup) are going to be heavily promoted to avoid packaging too. I’m also looking into making compost out of the left over coffee grounds so have been in touch with a few gardening firms to see if they can help this project

We have also been in touch with gatehouse, we are hopefully going to head over and see them at some point to talk about how to donate remaining food to the homeless of Oxford, talking to many of the homeless the food that is donated isn’t so great, I cant wait to talk to gatehouse about how we can get involved

Water is a tricky one, i’m exploring re-usage/rain water as all the water for the bike will need to go through intensive filtration before ever reaching the coffee machine anyway to create the quality of water needed for quality coffee.

All the food is locally sourced and being made up by my mum, so there are no delivery’s or air miles to worry about. clearly coffee and tea will need to travel somewhat but making sure i help the producers where i can (this is again another post altogether about the issues surrounding this) then i believe this is still doing our part to help the people there, whilst if I have the funds I’d like to support Kew gardens. They have a projects aimed at saving the arabica coffee plants, as climate change is likely to reduce the suitability and stress the plants into reduction. have a read here

Hopefully all of this will make for a great future business that will survive the test of time and wont have to depend on anyone or anything to operate, besides people actually joining me for a coffee that is…


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