So, here i am from starting this blog and pedal & pour is now an ltd, HELL YEAH.

Council application goes in this week and all the boring behind the scenes paperwork and red tape is now finished, I’m finishing up the last of my training then it’s put of my hands.

I’m also first aid trained, which was really interesting to go too and I would recommend it to anyone with the spare time. I did it with the Red Cross and could now save your life, although I still haven’t see the Vinnie jones advert for CPR….

so whilst i wait for the deliberation period for the application, I’ve invested in the most essential and first piece of the bike, The grinder.

It’s a eureka mk2 and I’ve set it up to hone my skills at pour over coffee over the next month, which in turn will then be used as the first brew bar test.


So I’ve set it up and I’m using a timer at the moment of 5.5 sec for single and 11 sec for a double. Not that accurate I know but until the scales come and I can get down to some serious geekery it will have to do. I’ll post up my results as I go across the month.


Special credit must go to my better half for signing me up to a 6 month subscription to square mile coffee roasters as a birthday present.

The beans are amazing. Now if only I could nail pour over I might taste just how good…


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