Coffee + Hipster = this event as my take on it, this may give you the perfect image but by no means do i intend this as a bad statement by naming a steriotype, it was dam cool.

Great inspiration, Ideas, Food and above all, Coffee.

it was a great oppotunity to network and the Best idea’s i’ve taken away have been from:

Seda, They have released a Turn-N-Go lid, meaning you will never spill your takeaway coffee again. Genious.

Keep cup, idea of the re-usable cup but setting an industry standard, i’d intend to give a heavy discount for user’s of the cup.

Tea Pigs, There peppermint and liqourice tea is possibley the best tea i’ve ever had in my life, the sweet after taste is like nothing i’ve had before. Matcha green tea, it’s health benefits are incredible but more on this after i’ve recieved samples and tried it myself as aposed to reading it.

Presso, a hand held espresso maker, seeing it in action and having a go at it for myself. Fiddley but worth the time of day if you don’t have the huge capital for an espresso machine. Difficult to control the pressure profile but this is a very new concept to me and as far as i’m aware still being tested across the industry to see it’s effects on coffee.

It’s an amazing festival thats only been going for a few years, i strongly urge you to go as its on brick lane every year and also holds the uk barista championships.

Plenty for posts to follow, it’s been a long time coming






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