As I write this, I’m struggling with the words to describe just how amazing this place is. Oxford almost has it right, and yet is so far away from this culture.
Waking up in London with a plan to head to Camden later on, I B-lined (taking my girlfriend with) for Kaffiene, as it’s one of the Top 5 coffee places I have wanted to visit when I happen to be around London.

Let’s start with the atmosphere. It’s a small but cozy place with a really nice relaxed vibe, which is exactly what I was looking for at mid-day. The design is ideal with the space they have and well, feast your eyes on some Instagram photos…

485071_10152599934410179_2119271979_n26362_10152599932390179_1466603723_n554131_10152599930725179_1317601518_nNext is the coffee and food. Now I knew the coffee was going to be great, but the food went above and beyond as well. To start, I had a flat white and my girlfriend had an Americano. In her words “it doesn’t even taste like coffee”. That’s part of the love I have come to find with coffee.

It’s similar to wine in my mind, it is wine at the end of the day but if you explore it you can find so many different profiles, flavours, smells and experiences plus the different tastes reflect different cultures of how the wine is made / drunk and enjoyed. (replace the word “wine” with “coffee” and re-read). Back to the food part, the baguette was awesome with sweet potato, brie and other such things and a recommended chocolate muffin. It was more as if a scone fell into a bag of chocolate drops and had eureka moment.

Which brings me to service.
This is why Oxford doesn’t compare yet (in my opinion I might add) as the hipster vibe of “coffee comes before hospitality” runs true in all the great coffee shops here. Kaffeine however we had a lovely kiwi girl look after us, who was really enthusiastic, knowledgeable and happy to explain everything, even when there was a queue. She made everything look so easy. I aspire to be like this girl one day.

We had little funds so we left a rose, which was acquired the previous night, with a note explaining this fact. I hope they liked the rose as much as we liked them.



The moral of the story: Go and Visit.


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