These following posts are aimed at carrying on along my educational path (which is becoming more and more overwhelming) and keeping with the journey the bean takes to becoming the finished product in the cup before you.

I want to touch on roasting, roasting is the stage where green coffee beans are exposed to heat, causing the green beans to expand and to change in colour, taste, smell, and density. This can then go onto be tested through cupping, packaged or ground and used in different brew methods to end up in your cup.

First is a short film produced by Hybrid Media Company that was shot for MadCap Coffee in Grand Rapids, Michigan which showcase’s the process from green bean to the cup, following the roasting and serving of espresso.

Heres also a chart showing all the different colours/ stages the beans go through whilst being roasted:


To understand the complexity of this stage also is quite difficult to explain, not only do you need to be able to know the temperatures, timing, cool down periods etc but no two green bean coffees are the same, such as a coffee from Columbia will have different characteristics than a coffee from Kenya and be roasted differently to bring out such regional characteristics, getting that right has to be like finding a needle in a haystack, at least to me, i intend to go out and see how coffee is roasted soon first hand and actually add hands on experience to what I’m seeing in videos and reading about through books/the internet

Again, following on from this is two posts by James Hoffman of square mile roaster’s in London, i will say now its more of a coffee nerd alert but he goes into great detail explaining firstly, why he isn’t a roaster and that roasting is a very difficult thing.


Secondly talking about coffee and the roasting process in the context of being Art, Ideas like

“Consider a roast from another company that you didn’t enjoy. Was it bad because it failed in execution because of poor technique, or were they simply seeking to create something that falls outside of your definition of beauty?”

This as an idea i love. I’m going to take it out of context a little as what’s been frustrating me is when people defend coffee that fails because of poor technique or because of bad/cheap ingredients. I’ll go into this in more depth later as it’s a little off topic, but for now, here’s the post:



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