These following posts are aimed at carrying on along my educational path (which is becoming more and more overwhelming) and keeping with the journey the bean takes to becoming the finished product in the cup before you.

I like that each of these videos (and the ones to follow) have some beautiful imagery to accompany them. The cliché of a picture is worth a thousand words i think really applies to learning about coffee, as there’s just so much to take in. Also with the vast amount of places coffee is grown, many people can’t visualize them as they’ve never visited such places, me included.

The first is a brilliant mini-documentary from Olympia Coffee and Vortex Productions. The first 1:30 really does summarise the culture of many consumers of coffee (at least in my opinion) and is accompanied by some imagery of three countries of origin, including Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. Starting at the beginnings of the coffee plant and following the raw fruit, the video follows the beans through the wet/dry process’s and milling for it to become a green bean ready to export.

Following on from this, i came across a blog called “Journey to Origin” about a man who won a competition to visit Colombia, (they are still running this competition here) it follows his findings that go across 5 days and are much more in depth at describing each stage of the process plus the second day in Colombia goes into details about the coffee plant and how it’s grown. There are so many variables that effect the coffee at these stages its staggering. What the blog really brought home to me was the reality of how much work goes into growing coffee and the intensity of the labour involved plus, at the end of the day, it’s an incredible skill.


This is a short video which summarises his trip:


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