It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been on here, so here’s a little update to what’s been going on.

Lots and lots of procrastination. I mean a whole lot,

If you’re like me, then in the past you may have thought to yourself, “well this video and or film relates to the topic I’m doing, it counts as work, right? yeah, of course it does”… Well I’ve come across a blog called “Dear coffee, I love you”. It’s packed full of fantastic HD videos and great posts relating to coffee, you’ll be seeing some of the videos and ideas pop up on here over this week, as they carry on my learning curve from watching Black gold,  (see previous post)

The market stall is coming along now with all the background things now planned and ready, plus it will be a great chance to get out and talk about the gofund me idea too and start the ball rolling for the coffee cart. The date I have in mind would be the 5th of December to launch into it all but this very much depends on the city council, who at the best of times are quite slow dealing with anything, so imagining the run up to Christmas, this maybe a little optimistic… we’ll see

Here’s another thing that tickled me this week,

Gentlemen ranting at Starbucks.

 “I’d be missing the point” if I tried to criticised it for anything but the fact it’s supposed to be funny. It was funny, enjoy.


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