With my coffee journey, i wanted to start right at the heart, i don’t mind admiting i know very little. I do know the formula for making great coffee, but this only extends to sourcing the best beans, the best milk and knowing the process of producing espresso, from grinding to extraction, i know a good amount without having been hands on yet to try out a few of the techniques. however, where and how coffee is made and produced, to who the coffee has to go through in order to be in a cup infront of me, i know very little. In my research into this, I managed to stumble across a film called Black gold

Black Gold is a film that follows an Ethiopian coffee producer’s epic journey around the world as he attempts to get a fair price for his high quality coffee.

In short, I’m a simple guy. Watching films is a welcome change to reading countless blogs for information so i really liked it. i’ll do some more in depth posts later on but for now, heres the link to the film.


Also i should point out there are a few bad points. My thoughts throughout where they did snipe at starbucks which is a little unfair as there are much bigger players at fault and the barista championships where portrayed badly, especially Sammy Piccolo as you’ll see. Here’s a review that touchs on these issues in a lot more depth.



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