I’d like to point out straight away that this is by no means an original idea, Gwilym Davies came up with this in 2009, you can see the original post here

However, i’d really like to bring this idea to Oxford. There are so many Quality focused cafes around oxford that no-one ever seems to know about. Missing Bean at the back of Turl street (although rather popular nowadays). Zappi’s Bike Cafe and The Albion Beatnik (primarily a bookshop) to name a few.

The idea works simliar to a loyalty card, where you stamp a number of times to then recieve a free coffee in return for your loyalty. The difference is you visit each cafe on the card, try there coffee and recieve a free coffee from Pedal & Pour for taking an adventure to try coffee in different places. The benefit to us is we are going to persuade each cafe on the card to donate a small amount towards the construction of our coffee cart, help get the ball rolling for us. The benefit to them is the new customers, plus the cost of each free coffee we give away, which is set to be a lot with the creation of over 100 cards, but it’s a way of repaying them a few times over for there original small donations.

Should be a mini adventure… the idea is being thought over by a few cafes as i type.




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