MUM-MADE: Sounds good. Is good. Oh so very good. In a “my mum’s cupcake could beat up your mum’s cupcake” fight, my mum’s would win, Hands down.

Fortunately for you, they could be on sale…

I dug out the trail run cake photos from a few months ago. This is where homemade can eat it’s heart out, my mum did run a cake decorating company called cakefinishingtouches, it’s closed temporarily due to family but will return soon, in the mean time she’s agreed to create these 5 cupcakes to go on sale, Chocolate, Vanilla/flower design, Carrot, lemon and vanilla but with a graphical design of whatever tickles our fancy that week… heres some of the photos…

Both Vanilla’s

The Rolo

(Named after our family King Charles Spaniel, who happens to be a caramel colour)

Carrot cake/Lemon cake

Other baked goods are all being trailed very soon, personal favorite is set to be on the project of creating a  whiskey brownie similair to one i tried at the Oxford food festival this year, it comes in as the second best brownie i’ve ever had in my entire (although so far short lived) life.


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