So to start the penny rolling, the coffee cart needs constructing. The big picture up at the top ^^^^^^

To do this requires lots of funds however. So here enters GoFundMe. I’m going to be pillaging the pockets and borrowing off as many friends, family, regulars to the bar (current job) and members of the public as i can possibly  find to raise £7500 through donations through GoFundMe. The money that’s borrowed from you will be exchanged for a voucher equal to your donation amount, so you’re investing in a coffee for the future essentially. That £2 or more will go towards the construction of the cart which is planned to look, well, kind of like the picture above

Changes will be made to the colours to make it fit into the Oxford scene a little better. Cream/white woodwork (to fit into the Oxford stone) and turquoise/oxford blue to accompany.

So please invest just £2 below. I guarantee it will be worth the wait for that coffee…



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